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This week’s What to Read Wednesday list is late, yet again, though I’m relieved to report we triumphed over the stomach flu. We’ve simply had a full schedule of activities– these days I feel more like an Uber driver than a teacher.

We’ve had the regular lineup of choir, theatre, co-op, speech, field trips, & social events, but most notable this week was Firstborn’s first SCUBA lesson. It started with independent study at home and then detailed classroom instruction…

… before she and pals headed to a local pool to suit up and dive.

they started in the shallow end practicing the mechanics of their gear

before proceeding to the deep end to spend another 40 minutes underwater

Firstborn has long been interested in Marine Biology and hopes to one day pursue a career in the field. As she approaches high-school we’re starting to mindfully steer her towards related academic and recreational pursuits. SCUBA [self-contained underwater breathing apparatus] seems a prudent skill she can grow with that might aid her, vocationally, down the road.

The instructors were knowledgeable and encouraging; they shared their experiences diving for aquariums, on rescue & recovery teams, maintaining delicate underwater seismic sensors & other scientific instruments, as well as adventures exploring underwater flotsam, jetsam, flora, and fauna ’round the globe.

these two have been fishy friends forever

Fittingly, I started this novel as I watched from the sidelines…

… and Center Sister started the latest Emily Windsnap release.

Side note:

Little Man’s also studying Oceanography, learning from the same Apologia Marine Biology curriculum with his science co-op that girls studied a few years ago.

jello ocean zones
mock baleen; discovering the difference between toothed whales

Meanwhile, Center sister took a fun sewing class with pals– which is great because that’s simply not a skill she’ll master at home. *ahem*  Her sewing machine had gathered a good amount of dust, but I’m tickled she wants to be a part of bringing back social sewing.

I’m grateful for the ability to customize my kids’ education to suit their individual needs and chase their interests. I appreciate experts in fields foreign to me who generously share their crafts– lest my kids become carbon copies of this weary mom/teacher. I’m thankful that by pursuing unique passions my pupils are growing into vibrant, creative persons.

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