chinaForgive my brevity, but I just finished applying for four international visas and my brain is absolute mush.

Our flights are booked, we’re headed to China!

March 26th.

16 days… not that I’m counting, or anything.

After a quick puddle-jump to Seattle, we board our 12 hour international flight to Beijing.

Please pray for our girls– the farthest they have previously flown was 6 hours to Hawaii when they were 2 and 4 years old. We will be well armed with snacks, books, small toys & electronics, but it’s still quite a jaunt. I’ll bet the anticipation of finally meeting New Brother will carry us all.

We’ll have a couple of days in Beijing to sight-see and adjust to the time-difference before boarding yet another plane to the capitol of our son’s province, Henan, where we will meet our sweet boy and officially become his forever family. (Squeeeeee!)

While in Henan, we will also likely journey to New Brother’s hometown. We hope to visit his orphanage (one of us will stay outside with him and our youngest daughter to avoid confusing/upsetting him) to meet/thank the nannies that have looked after him up to this point, and deliver some gifts.

Our final stop will be in Guangzhou, were the US Consulate office is located and every Chinese adoption exits through.

On our way home, we will actually lay over in Shanghai, though we likely won’t have enough time to leave the airport.

On April 12th we return home, again via Seattle, as a family of five. Since we will quickly retreat to our cozy cocoon for an unspecified length of time after arriving in Bozeman, we would warmly welcome friends to greet us at the airport that afternoon. (Plane is scheduled to land just before 4pm.) There are also murmurings of die-hard Oregon friends/family driving to Seattle, and if you’re willing to make that trek we would certainly love to see you during our layover.





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