Kids Incorporated

June is always a whirlwind in our neck of the woods, and this one’s been no exception… but in the midst of all of the hullabaloo, my kids wrapped their Freshman, 7th, and 2nd-grade school years. As per our usual, we’ll maintain a rhythm of light study through Summer, for the sake of momentum, but we’ve officially put a bow on the bulk of their schoolwork.

To say that this year’s been an odd one is an understatement, what with moving and highschool, plus the global pandemic that ground all our extracurriculars to a screeching halt, but more than ever we’re grateful for the blessing and liberty of educating our kids from our own home base.

In no particular order, because this is a true photo dump, a highlight reel of the second half of our school year:

Cheers to summer!


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