The Princess Bride



My beautiful baby sister got hitched over the weekend. Ever since she was little she’s loved all things girlie and is 100% a princess. Though, in all fairness, she’s a princess that also shoots guns, goes “mudding”, and works her tail off– don’t misunderstand. After enjoying the film again recently, I’ve taken to calling her The Princess Bride.

She’s basically been planning her royal wedding since the day she met her prince, and booking things in earnest for well over a year. Despite her enthusiasm and attention to detail, the big hurrah was ultimately delayed due to Covid restrictions. They opted instead to host an intimate ceremony, keeping their special date and making it legal, on the groom’s grandmother’s countryside property. (Big event TBA.)

Preparations –

Day Of –

I didn’t snap any photos during the ceremony… the professional photographer arrived and thanks to my Bestie I know better than to ruin those shots by waving my iPhone around willy-nilly.

The rain-showers lifted and the birds were chirping… believe me when I say it was quaint and lovely and perfect. Afterwards, we enjoyed a simple picnic of catered sack-lunches before toasting the happy couple and seeing them off in their shiny corvette.

Thanks, Sammy and Michael, for generously sharing your day, and blessings on your happy marriage.


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