Kimchi from the Garden: a Full of Days guest post

Growing a vegetable garden is a family commitment of time and energy… Husband configures and constructs the beds, preps the soil, installs trellises, and lays ground cover. The kids enthusiastically sow the bulk of the seeds, introduce beneficial insects, and lend a hand in the harvest. I enjoy watering daily by hand, monitoring growth, tending weeds, and thinning the crop. No Little Red Hen in our house!

Because we all chip in, we each earn a say in the planning/plotting:

I allocate a sizeable portion of the square footage to tomato plants, the entire bounty from which I preserve for future use. Cilantro and green onions also get priority as staples in our predominately Asian cuisine, along with dill for pickling and use in many of our favorite summer recipes, like my famous Homesteading Tater Salad.

The kids have free reign over the corner where they maintain a fairy garden, and this year determined to grow enough pumpkins to (hopefully) share with neighbors. They always request to grow potatoes as they’re the most fun to harvest and fare well in finicky Montana weather, and my parents annually mail them a packet of sunflower seeds for a cheerful addition that helps attracts pollinators.

This year, at Handsome Husband’s request, a hefty chunk of prime garden real-estate was also devoted to growing ingredients for his favorite: Kimchi. Today I’m sharing about this new Kimchi endeavor on Bestie Kelsey’s blog, follow this link to the first half of my two-part guest post over at Full of Days.