Labor Day

We spent our holiday weekend in the beautiful Flathead Lake area, which is best described as the stunning love-child of the Willamette[Oregon] and Gallatin[Bozeman] valleys. Though we had more than the usual allotment of laughable Griswold moments, and sadly weren’t able to connect with our dear friends who reside in the area, we count the weekend as another fun adventure.

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Without fail, it always rains when we camp. Without a cozy RV to retreat to (unlike seemingly 99.9% of all campers these days), it certainly threw a wrench in our plans– but we were able to go with the flow and explore the area a bit more. Even on the first clear, warm night, though, the campground was eerily quiet after dark compared to what I recall from my childhood. Folks now seem to favor electricity for campfires. I’m no hater, we also hope to purchase some sort of camper in the near future.  It’d certainly help us feel safer in bear country…

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the flathead area is famous for hucklesberries

Our encampment was rustic, but thankfully devoid of bears. We partook of copious amounts of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, but zero showers. By day three my hair was so greasy I could have waxed a car with it, and I emerged the clear victor of the leg-hair contest. Thank heavens for a nearby hot spring, where we were able to freshen up while we swam.

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On a related note, you know you love your social worker when you arrange to have your six month post placement visit whilst camping. China requires regular reports from a licensed  social worker at 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years post placement. Our gal lives up in that region and graciously agreed to meet up with us during her holiday weekend to complete our visit and gather info for her professional report. I have sung her praises here before, but this gesture really went above and beyond the regular call of duty. Additionally, our willingness to permit her near us while looking (and smelling) such a fright is telling of her warm and easy-going nature.

photo 4 (53)
re-enacting (no less than thirty times) the cartwheel that cost our friend his wedding ring, to determine the likely trajectory
can you believe a nearby good samaritan had a metal detector?
photo 1 (79)
glacier national wear a hat to cover your greasy hair park
photo 3 (73)
on the perilious precipices of the ‘going to the sun road’ where I was happy to lay on the floorboards of the minivan

photo 4 (52)

photo 5 (38)
that’s my girl

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  1. Tamara Harper Avatar
    Tamara Harper

    hi, you don’t know me, but we have common friends i think….my friend sierra is friends with your friend carly. maybe you know sierra too? and that’s how i found your blog, which i LOVE! i don’t have kids, i think about adopting, but have not yet taken the leap, i am not religious, and i live far away from you (AK), yet i find your blog/your writing inspiring, fun, funny, intelligent, insightful and entertaining. we do share a love of all things portland/oregon, where i am originally from :). it feels a little strange to be following your family when you don’t know me, so i am just saying hi, so you know i am out here. then it seems a little more OK that i check in on you guys a couple times a week. i have so enjoyed reading about how the adoption of your little emperor has gone. how lucky you all are to have found each other. anyway, just sending my thanks for your skills as a writer and your willingness to share, it brightens my days. tamara harper, mccarthy, AK

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading, Tamara! I love how technology makes the world smaller and forms new friendships 🙂 Thanks again for saying hello and following!

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