Lan Su Chinese Garden

We were blessed to take a wee homeschool field trip with some visiting Montana friends recently, zipping north to rendezvous in bustling Portland where we discovered a hidden oasis amid the skyscrapers and food trucks.

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is an echo of the lushly appointed parks tucked away within seemingly every city in China. (from our adoption trip: see our fave Chinese parks here and here) Serene and soul-soothing, the grounds prompt visitors to awaken their senses, hush voices, and slow steps, quietly suggesting deep breaths and deeper reflection. Frankly, this calm, renewing visit was just what this weary homeschool mom needed.

Lunch in the traditional teahouse is simply not to be missed.

note the live musician w/authentic stringed instrument

i know where i’ll be collecting our mooncake come autumn this year
‘blossoming’ chrysanthemum tea, like we purchased on the street in China

The gardens serve as a cultural hub to the local asian community, with seasonal celebrations liberally peppering their event calendar. We’ll most certainly visit again (Little Man was decidedly displeased that we visited an asian landmark without him, claiming proprietary rights to all things China.), and likely purchase a membership. I’m grateful for our son’s rich heritage and the diverse region we’re raising him in.

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