Last Minute Gift Guide 4 Mermaids



I meant to share this post sooner than FOUR DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS, but alas I’ve been distracted by travel, the loss of my grandma, and our own Christmas merriment.

Looking for a last minute gift to balance out the presents under your Christmas conifer? I try to ensure our kidlets have the same number of gifts, lest there be any accusation of inequity. God bless Amazon for times such as these, and their sacred two-day shipping forever and ever, amen.

Perhaps your daughter is similarly obsessed with mermaids as ours… it seems mermaiding has gained momentum in recent months and become trendy, versus just some obscure unique fascination of our daughter’s.

In Center Sister’s case it turns out being a mermaid is hereditary, she comes by it naturally.

mer_mia mer_sister

Three generations of mermaids. Who wore it best?

Shopping for mermaids is especially fun, and I’ve become adept at spotting new mer-deals throughout the seven seas interwebs…

As a toddler, Center Sister dutifully carted around the predecessor to this mer-Dora doll as her chosen lovey. Sadly, I have no idea what happened it.

click pic for link

She’s owned several tails now, including three swimmable versions from Fin Fun. This week they are giving away 12 tails for the 12 days of Christmas!

click pic for link

Her auntie gifted her the cute mermaid towel pictured above, but here’s another fun one:

(click pic for link)

She recently treated herself to this shell pillow, it’s darling on her mer-bed. Treat yo-self!

click pic for link

Another take on the same idea:

click pic for link

Speaking of her mer-bed, she’ll be unwrapping these fun new shell sheets under the Christmas tree in due time. shhhh!

click pic for link

Another surprise arriving on Jesus’ birthday, a cozy mermaid blanket.

click pic for link

Mermaid can be bookworms, too! Even the most persnickety mermaids will reading for pleasure with these options.

click pic for link
like legos, minecraft, & mermaids had a baby– this one will be under our tree, don’t tell! (click pic for link)
click pic for link

Customizable mermaid stickers! Select hair & tail color and add your mermaid’s name. Squeee! Terrific stocking stuffer.

click pic for link

And speaking of stockings… we need this Land of Nod personalized one hanging from our mantle.

(click pic for link)

For additional fun mer-swag, including Center Sister’s awesome shell quilt and ocean-y night lightcheck out this old post full of great goodies.


In future news, Center Sister just closed on her first home:

I jest, but how cool is this airbnb in mx? bucket list!
she’s developed her own written language, similar to elvish runes. here she’s chortling to herself, writing naughty words in mermish (couldn’t make this up)

Merry Mermaid Christmas!


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