Mermaid Shoppe


Mermaids, mermaids, mermaids… anyone who’s met her knows that Center Sister identifies as a mermaid. We find her mer-mania an adorable and innocent pursuit, and appreciate her active imagination.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” -Albert Einstein

Now that she’s earning her own money alongside her sister, she’s become a veritable shop-a-holic, ever on the prowl for new mermaid swag.

scored this conch shell from a local antique market

With fellow Mer-moms often inquiring “Where’d she get that?” I thought I’d share some of our faves with y’all here… (disclaimer: some links below do have affiliate links, though my recommendation is genuine & we do own most of these products)

mer-shopping at the mall


Mermaid Swag



shower_curtain shell_garland
made the sweet necklace herself

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