By far, the most exciting thing happening in our household, this week, is that Firstborn is turning ten.


Our precious, 8lb 5oz strawberry-blonde tufted, inquisitive little bundle of sweetness isn’t a baby, anymore…


she’s been into big-girl things, like pet-sitting, lately. tiger the neighbor kitty, and two cockatiels coming this weekend are her charges. she’s also saved her money for a pet bunny that was born on sunday.
she also fries her own eggs

Other happenings:

little man locked us out of the house for about twenty minutes this morning. on purpose.
the girls participated in a spring piano recital
crushed it
big sis also made her flute debut
their favorite part is always post-performance refreshments
not your mama’s spaghetti sauce. veg-heavy, “kitchen sink” spaghetti sauce is something i whip up when i haven’t planned ahead for dinner: canned tomatoes & artichokes, and handful of frozen, organic corn, diced orange & red bell pepper, fresh spinach & garlic, loads of oregano & black peppers, tossed with ground sausage.
the new t-rex at our local museum
mei-mei got a new ‘do
little man didn’t mind waiting in the salon
the girls were delighted to attend their first baby shower (save for the sip n see they both attended in celebration of little sister’s own arrival nearly eight years ago)
we sat with our beloved former neighbors and dubbed ours the goldenrod table.


confession: sometimes i bust out my inner mary poppins and give the fussy toddler a spoonful of sugar [raw honey] to calm him when i need to finish a pressing task. don’t judge.
planting our sunflowers seeds on earth day


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