Earth Muffins

Both Earth Day and Arbor Day are this week, which has rendered this native Oregonian downright giddy, and commandeered the lessons in our homeschool classroom.

The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for He founded it on the seas, and established it on the waters. -Psalm 24:1

our foxy new neighbors: dad, mom & four babies

Always on the lookout for opportunities to instruct my children on responsible stewardship of our great planet, I was elated to receive an invite from a fellow homeschooler to participate in a local trash pick-up effort earlier in the week.






don’t forget to select compostable, biodegradable bags when collecting trash (or paper)

We returned home to watch Plastic Paradise, a documentary currently on Netflix that exposes the discarded-plastic wasteland, twice the size of Texas, that exists near Midway in the Pacific Ocean. It was eye-opening – albeit gruesome – for the girls to view the polluted, poisoned innards of countless sea birds who reside on/around the island and ingest the plastic debris, but it’s important.

Humans throw away 1 million plastic bags a minute! The film briefly featured this activist, who routinely wears the average number of plastic bags that an individual blows through in a year, on his person, to shed light on the gravity of our rote consumption. Curtailing this habit is such an effortless and effective way to make a sizable difference in plastic consumption, annually.


Tomorrow we’re watching the more sedate film The Lorax, and the kids will plant the pack of sunflower seeds that they received in the mail again this year from their grandparents.

last year’s sunflowers
two years ago’s

We also made some “earthy” treats.

little man was disgusted and refused to eat a worm
i did a “less bad” version with chocolate yogurt in lieu of pudding, organic “oreos”, and gummy worms made from real fruit juice. not good, but less bad.

All of God’s creation is precious and worthy of our utmost care.


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