Life in the [not so] Fast Lane

baby wearing x2. yes, i realize he is probably too big for the ergo. no, i don’t want to talk about it.


matching dresses w her baby doll
caroline, your hair is ridonk. the things we do for love
yes, american girl dolls are ridiculously expensive… but MY GIRLS STILL PLAY WITH DOLLS. hashtag, worthit. hashtag, staylittle.
sweet neighbor sent me this photo of the flowering almond tree we planted for alexa six and a half years ago
does my heart good to watch it grow (planting in 2008)
this cracked me up. i was reading (never you mind that it was a magazine). grateful for a couch that fits us all.
can’t stop snapping shots of the cat

jedi master for the win, this photo was taken in my grandparents’ old donkey pasture back in oregon– where i spent precisely 1/3 of my entire childhood.
global dress-up night at awana
they love any excuse to wear their silks from china
how little man greeted me as i toweled off from a shower. if you’re thinking one lense of his shades seems wonky, you’d be correct– i blacked it out after realizing i inadvertently snapped a photo of my full-frontal buck-naked reflection, mere moments before posting it on the internet. and also sending it to our adoption agency, for the love.
lizards are hilarious

This morning, while reading a VeggieTale book to Little Man, I counted out produce-people, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.” Without skipping a beat, he answered, “Nine!”


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