Weekend Update

I’ve realized that this blog has, by default, become my acting Instagram account, capturing our simple life in the countryside.

I’m okay with this natural evolution, since my primary aim in blogging is to document this hurried season of life. I’m creating a virtual time-capsule, of sorts, and sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Truth be told, I can scarcely work the Google on the internet machine* without the aid of Smarty-Pants Husband, and typically remain the last holdout to join each new social network.

Besides, I’m the boss of this here bliggity-blog. Without further ado: Our weekend.

more kitty pics– can’t stop, won’t stop
enrapt with the prairie dogs emerging from hibernation
daily mailbox trek
a typical bathtime
“mermaids brush their hair a lot”
little man’s shiner is healing nicely, color coordinated w/his outfit here


snuck away to play bunco w the new neighbors sat evening
brought along my very favorite food on the planet
wolfgang amadeus white
counting new calves (and teaching the girls about the veal industry, shudder) on our sunday drive

Today is Monday again, but we’ve staged an impromptu homeschool holiday to break up the monotony.

Dr. Seuss day! (It’s his birthday.)

one fish, two fish, red swedish fish in the bowl in the center
cotton candy truffula trees
suessical breakfast


love this movie: great message, great soundtrack, and taylor swift as a non-conforming red-haired female lead named audrey. hashtag, winning.

*quote from Blades of Glory, we watched with the kiddos this weekend (fast forwarding & muting through parts, obvi) and blew their minds when we pointed out, “That guy’s Napoleon Dynamite, that one is Elf & Megamind, and that one is Mr. Incredible.”


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