Manic Monday

Poor Little Man got his first shiner last night. He took a running dive into the end of the couch (Yes, on purpose. No, I haven’t a clue as to why.) and forgot to put on the brakes.

icing it with a whiskey sphere, kinda wanted to put a big, cold beef steak on it like in the cartoons

It’s pretty sad, but also… kind of awesome. Isn’t a nice shiner a quasi rite of passage for a little boy? He may be our first boy, but he’s still the third child. We didn’t freak.

he looks proud

Except I forgot about it when introducing him (on my back, in the Ergo) to our new next-door neighbor this morning. I’m sure she thinks highly of me now.


family portrait

Our resident mermaid was captivated by Lupita Nyong’o’s pearl encrusted gown from the Oscars last night. She is now coveting one for her birthday in June. It is her birthstone, afterall, and decidedly mermaid.

six thousand pearls of perfection

She actually just came up to me to ask if I was “shopping online for [her] pearl dress?” How I love that girl.

sisters hold friendship bracelets for ea other
learning about amphibian skin, how they absorb air & water through their skin, just like how the scent of vanilla can permeate a rubber glove




Additional Monday randomness:

Now that I have a little more square footage to keep clean, I’m going back to a simple schedule I self-imposed when the girls were tiny, to make the whole process less of a chore.

Monday – dust
Tuesday – vacuum
Wednesday – mop
Thursday – bathrooms
Friday – sheets

And honestly, is there anything better than Fresh Sheets Day? I suspect not.

Except, maybe, the Reggae station on Pandora that is keeping me especially chipper on this cold February day.

This regiment is far more pleasant for me than a single, ugly cleaning day where I try to cram it all in. And if I do miss one day, it’s no big deal– I’ll just get it next week.


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