Shabbat Shalom



Tonight is Oscar night!

I’ve already shared my award favorites here, but I’m making a couple of last-minute amendments to my selections. Friday I watched Wild with a girlfriend, and we were both impressed with Reese Witherspoon’s performance. Not every actor can single-handedly carry an entire film without the dialogue of supporting actors to lean on. Also, I’m changing my vote for supporting actress from Laura Dern (though her performance was great, just abbreviated) to Emma Stone. Heads up, Wild is a very raw and graphic film. Kudos to Cheryl Strayed for so bravely and honestly sharing her story, I don’t think I could ever be so vulnerable.

I’m pleased to report that I threw a big enough temper tantrum this morning (kidding) that Husband saddled up both our rigs to pick up the sectional for the bonus room that we’ve been impatiently waiting to be delivered. Both our backs were starting to ache from sitting on the floor to watch movies.

Our bonus room Husband’s Man Cave is finally complete, and this is where I’ll be stationed for the Academy Awards tonight. And no, it’s not lost on me that these awards have absolutely zero eternal significance.


bonus points if you can name the film on the television

Fellow earth-muffins will be pleased to know that we successfully recovered our extinguished Chinese lanterns from our New Year festivities from the back 40 behind our house.


another lantern found in the pond


bought little sister this classic, then braided her hair so she’d awake next morning w/mermaid waves
and then big sis wanted a turn with mermaid hair
a girl and her kitty
visiting the critters at the nearby local shelter


riding in the wagon to the mailbox


scored this comfy chair off craigslist for $60, woot! we had been looking and looking and everything in stores was in the $200-400 range.
empowering message: check. whimsical, feminine artwork: check. coordinating color scheme: check. oregon heritage reference: check.

From one of my favorite Oregon artists, the darling Katie Daisy poster I ordered online for the girls’ room finally arrived. Check out her Etsy shop here. I also have one of her “Going Home” prints, and might have just ordered another for my littlest sister’s birthday next week.


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