Mayday, Mayday

May’s proving nearly as full a month for our household as April was– in addition to our regular activities we enjoy celebrating whatever simple, minor holidays dot the calendar and incorporating them into our home-education…

Beginning, of course, with May Day on the 1st– the single day of the year that I allow the kids to “ding dong ditch” the neighbors, like Great Grandma Schafer taught us.

seeds this year, in lieu of live flowers
first we blessed the cousins next door…

… and then we recruited them to help bless more neighbors.

spying from the (brand new!) living room window as neighbors emerge to find their prize

The 4th’s a geektastic, made-up holiday right up our alley: Star Wars Day! “May the 4th be with you.” We celebrated with a little costuming and a Star Wars themed school carnival.

his midichlorian levels are off the charts; the force is strong with this one

For the 5th we threw together a last-minute Cinco de Mayo backyard potluck.

cinco de YES

Next up’s Mother’s Day, stay tuned for some good Mama-themed book recommends this week for What to Read Wednesday!

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