Medieval Times

Castles, knights, catapults, and coats of arms– we’ve arrived in the Middle Ages in our chronological history studies for homeschool.

Aiming to flesh out the kids’ curriculum with a practical, hands-on approach that transcends the textbooks, I called up a real-estate colleague who’s literally King of his own castle… A vivacious, fun Grandpa who sports a kilt each Saint Patty’s Day and dresses as Cupid on Valentine’s, he’s ever the funnest guy in the room, a perennial kid-at-heart, and wildly generous. He and his sweet wife graciously hosted the girls and a few homeschool chums for a tour of their extraordinary abode.

you know your troop is in for a treat when you spy a giant catapult in the yard as you approach the castle

First we knighted the kids in the driveway, our host forgot to don the crowns and scepter we brought for him and the Queen.

Inside the portcullis, the Medieval theme continues within the castle walls. No detail is overlooked– the homeowners’ collection of irreplaceable antiques was fastidiously collected over fifteen years prior to them even breaking ground, and then the design of the castle was fashioned around specific pieces. Most wonderfully, the enthusiastic hosts encourage touching, sitting, playing, and enjoying the hands-on history.

excalibur, sword in the stone

knights heads were comparatively quite small in the middle ages

Sending treats down the dumb-waiter by hand pulley. 

There was even a dungeon.

As a Realtor, I’ve toured countless homes, many luxurious and impressive– still, I can say with complete confidence that this was the most incredible home I’ve ever stepped foot inside. Our visit was exponentially richer because of our gracious hosts’ enthusiastic instruction. I’m forever grateful my homeschoolers are able to learn from all kinds of unique teachers and experiences.

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