What to Read Wednesday: All You Can Eat Book Buffet

June’s always a bit bananas in our household– with birthdays, graduations, our anniversary, Father’s Day, and end-of-the-year school celebrations… this first week in has been no exception. Plus, with our foray into all things Medieval, this week’s library checkout was as follows:

Every day’s an all you can eat Middle Ages buffet.

wee squire designing his own castle out of boxes

Thus, we’re still a couple chapters shy of finishing book three of The Mysterious Benedict Society (we’ll be sad to finish, tbh) and I’m still reading the ever-allegorical and meaty Fahrenheit 451.

I’m finding the most interesting part of the story to be it’s origin… Bradbury allegedly birthed the book in 9 days in a university basement on a dime-a-half-hour rented typewriter! I’m slugging through it slowly, digesting it’s many metaphors. For my sanity, I had to add the following lighter fodder to my reading time to balance things out:

can’t wait for the film to come out this summer

This also just arrived in my mailbox, from one of my fave homeschool cheerleaders, praise be.

Both my pals at Learning Table and Natural Parent Guide are sharing books about games for What to Read Wednesday, so be sure to check them out! What are you presently reading? 

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