Memory Making



There are some great perks to having kids young, not the least of which is fostering close relationships with older generations in a family.

This week’s houseguests traveled 1000 miles to spend time with our kiddos. It warms my heart to realize that these times together will surely become cherished, life-long memories.

We’ve been having so much fun that I’ve scarcely had time to document it. Here goes…

two new pupils in attendance at homeschool. the 2nd and 4th graders beat them on the spelling test.
morning aerobics w aunt julie
my scrabble nemesis
buzzing around town in the sexy minivan, poor husband had to work
hot springs fun
pedicures all around
little man was over the moon at the prospect of riding this choo-choo


one must only serve tillamook ice cream to oregonian guests


watching the weather and wildlife


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