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Here’s the latest from our neck of the woods:

We wrapped up all the fun memory-making with our most recent houseguests.

last supper [breakfast]
We got stuck in a massive traffic jam on a rural Montana highway.

swimming upstream against a real-life cattle drive

Our “ato” garden is coming along nicely.

potatoes and tomatoes

Speaking of our mud-pit of a yard, we finally got our sprinklers in! Next up: Sod party at the White house.

landscape master

Our neighbor reported a badger taking up residence in the field behind their house.

honey badger don’t care

Current obsessions: Mermaids, manatees, whimsical dinnerware, decorative pillows, Napoleon Dynamite.

big sis purchased her tail with her own money
manatee love

The outfit that took Husband and Firstborn on their manatee swim in Florida sent some photos in the mail.




Another addition to our whimsical plate collection, this one OBVIOUSLY for Handsome Husband.


i have pillow issues. the scrabble one is new.
“it’d be nice if you could pull me into town”

We enjoyed some living history in a nearby mining town.

like the one my great grandfather won in the Nebraska state fair and drove to oregon

My new barn-wood Montana arrived in the mail, a steal of a deal for only $20.

Plus, it was for a good cause: A fundraiser for another adoptive family, they can do any continent, country, or state.

A simple, healthy, and delicious meal in a hurry: Curried Chicken Salad. Boil and shred chicken, mix with a dallop of mayo ((shudder)), heaping tbs of curry, salt & pepper to taste, and diced celery, green (or white) onions, apple (or grapes), yellow bell peppers. I like it best over greens, but this salad also goes nicely in a wrap or sandwich.

so pretty
boom shakalaka
third child


I would be remiss if I failed to mention that today is a bittersweet day in our household– as  we remember our third daughter in heaven.


In past years we’ve released balloons, planted trees (and roses!), and visited special places in her memory, but these days just talking about her, saying her name, is significant.

And cake… always cake.

i didn’t have the heart to tell the little old lady who piped on her name that her fancy “a” just doesn’t work

I wish we could have known her in this lifetime.

Still, she is the one who taught me compassion, humility, how to feel deeply, and how to stand up for myself. She broke down my protective emotional wall, reminded me I don’t have to always be strong, and is the reason I can only hum the second verse of “You Are My Sunshine”.


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