Adoption at Any Age

We’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to Oregon wherein Little Man underwent a surgical revision of his cleft lip (more on this here). Between the gambit of appointments with his team of skilled pediatric specialists, we squeezed in as many visits with loved ones as possible. Home now, we are physically and emotionally exhausted but basking in the residual love.

In Shannan Martin’s new book, Falling Free*, she shares how her family adopted their son when he was already seventeen years old, which got me pondering… is anyone ever too old to be adopted? Spoiler: No.

We finalized Little Man’s adoption when he was nineteen months old. Dear friends recently adopted their daughter mere days before China deemed her unadoptable on her fourteenth birthday.

My much older sister and I were unceremoniously adopted by my late great aunt as youngsters– she a bonus grandma who generously fawned over us as her own.

My mentor/spiritual-mother adopted me after we bonded serving together in Africa, when I was the ripe ol’ age of 29.

When our family moved to Montana four years ago we quasi-adopted several “grandmas” whom we regularly visited in a care home… they adopted us, too.

More recently, my own children have been informally adopted: By my sweet cousin, new to her role as empty nester, pre-grandkids. By a great-Aunt on either side of the family. By bonus Aunties, my besties. Each go out of their way to speak the love language of my three kiddos, blessing them abundantly with genuine and unwavering affection. Biology simply isn’t a factor, genealogy of zero consequence.

When Husband, Firstborn and I were expecting Center Sister I recall worrying if I would have enough love for two children– in hindsight I recognize how silly (albeit common) it is to entertain such a notion. Love is a renewable resource, there is no quota on the quantity we can give or receive. I’m grateful for the “extras” in my life –and the lives of my children– the more folks to love and be loved by, the better. There is no limit on love.

“We love because He first loved us.” -1 John 4:19

“In love, He predestined us Unto Adoption as sons through Jesus Christ…” -Ephesians 1:5, emphasis mine

*I’m currently previewing an advanced copy as part of her launch team, see full review here.