Movin’ On Up



This will be brief as we’re in the throes of unpacking, reeling from yet another loss in the family, and since today also happens to be a special mermaid’s tenth birthday… By God’s grace we moved into our house over the weekend, and the timing indeed proved providential.

throwback to her first birthday

We certainly aren’t finished with the long list of projects planned for the new house, but we are relieved to have all our belongings consolidated into one place for the first time in a couple months now. Unpacking boxes from the storage unit has felt a bit like Christmas!

demolition derby
still averaging 2 trips daily to home depot, thankful for husband’s hard-earned military discount
side note, many folks don’t realize that home depot will custom cut window coverings for free

after our new siding is painted we’ll begin to tackle the jungle that is our new yard; this easter island replica at a local plant nursery won’t make the cut
in the meantime, we whipped up a little indoor fairy garden

A couple quick before & after’s of our progress thusly:

living room. piano to go on the wall stage left until we remove it entirely when we gut the kitchen & install an island there
husband turned an odd hall closet in the dining area into a much-needed pantry & will be installing a sliding barn door that doubles as a homeschool chalkboard soon

Moving is hard work! Sincerest thanks to my sister & brother-in-law and our friends the Colbys for several times entertaining/feeding our kiddos, to my dad & stepmom for physically moving our every earthly possession yet AGAIN, to my mom & her partner for delivering dinner, and to husband’s sister & her husband for lending us their giant trailer to haul our junk out of the storage unit. Mostly I’m grateful to my amazing husband for moving us home, buying the house next door to my sister, literally rebuilding the house over the last few weeks while juggling the career that pays for it, and just generally enduring the craziness that is marriage to yours truly.