Radical Ranch Remodel

I’m blogging through the alphabet with some homeschoolers online… this week we’re on the letter R.

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Our family’s just embarked upon a greeeeeat big, hands-on unit-study in our homeschool. Plainly, we closed on the purchase of a lovely 1972 rancher and are beginning an ambitious list of renovations to make it our new home. R is for Remodel!

It’s not our dream house, but it was a good deal and IS NEXT DOOR TO MY SISTER, so we’re fixin’ to Chip & Jo the place– customizing it according to our wants/needs. We’ll bop betwixt our cramped urban apartment and our fixer-upper in the ‘burbs as we complete the repairs before actually moving in.

Some light demolition… kinesthetic learning, for the win! 

discovered this amazing vintage flooring beneath the carpet in husband’s office– it’s ALMOST so awful it’s cool

A few before photos:

living room
family room

Rough outline of our plans:

Phase 1: crawlspace cleanout/overhaul, removal of existing backyard deck, pest extermination, furnace duct cleaning*, interior paint, fireplace refacing, light fixtures, flooring, replace electrical panel

Move in!

Phase 2: New siding & exterior paint, trim out windows, update outdoor fixtures, roof, remove an exterior door and add an additional window (making office a true 4th bedroom), chimney repair (x2), new backyard slab patio

Phase 3: master bathroom & closet reconfigure, existing master closet space re-allocated to girls’ room

Phase 4: gut kitchen including removal of a wall; addition of island, new appliances, cabinets, & countertops

A wee sampling of Pin-spiration:

I’m grateful for the crazy opportunity to live next door to my sister’s family, and to undertake this radical project with my own. We hope to get our hands dirty, using the remodel as homeschool enrichment. Our goal is to have the bulk of the work completed in time for Little Man’s backyard birthday party in July.

speaking of little man, we just enrolled him in kinder w/his twin-cousin… pinch me.

*Realtor tip: Got allergies, the previous owner had pets, home require any kind of extermination, or it’s just been a good long while? Have your furnace duct-work professionally cleaned. Skeptical? Ask to see the debris removed & you’ll quickly recognize the value. 


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