Moving Day



I should be packing.

Our final walk-thru on the new house is this evening, tomorrow we start moving in.

so much stuuuuuuuff
paying respect to our old couches

We bid farewell to our trusty old couches, and put them out to pasture (passing them on to our neighbors’ college aged kiddos), though they have long served us well.

If I have one piece of advice for new parents, it would be this: Invest in leather upholstery. Car, couches, just do it. Had our couches not boasted a wipable surface the duration of the twelve years we’ve owned them, they would surely reek to high heaven and glow bright under a black-light. No amount of food, drink, vomit, urine, nor feces has proven too much for a little windex or soap and hot water.


Why does it progressively look more filthy the more I pack things up? Perhaps it has something to do with the three little tornadoes that spin wild behind me as I work.

Our oldest is anxious about moving our pets– our last relocation sadly cost us her beloved cat, Charlie.

‘look, mom, we’re teenagers!’ (stated whilst smacking gum and pretending to text)

I have assured her, repeatedly, that no one is getting left behind with this move.

Tonight I’ll fix Stone Soup for dinner, an ecclectic medley of the remaining contents of our refrigerator. The rest of the week we’ll be off the grid as we settle into our new home. Prayers for a smooth transition are appreciated!


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