New Nest

I should be unpacking.

Moving is like childbirth. It’s horrendous, JUST the worst… But worth it for the end result, which is why some crazy folks choose to do so more than once in a lifetime.

We selectively forget the bad (e.g. having to be out of an impeccably cleaned old house by 4pm on Thursday, though only permitted to begin moving boxes into the garage of the new place starting Tuesday, while husband works, with three kids underfoot) and blindly focus on the good.

And it is good. We love our new home.

moving day
goodbye old house

I have run a half marathon and birthed children “au naturale”, but this move has rendered me the most utterly exhausted I have ever been in my thirty-some years of existence.

It’s worth it. Our new home is a fresh canvas that we are putting our stamp on, and because we are crazy we are almost completely unpacked already.

i’ve attended hundreds of signings as a realtor, and this is our fifth home purchase, but it’s always exciting to finally arrive at the closing table
we’ve eaten out a ton this week as our fridge, pantry, and cooking gear have been tucked away in boxes
boasting of the treats daddy bought them in target that mommy usually says no to
cleaning the old house, they’ll do anything for a dollar
moving the kitty to the new house
always time to stop and watch a tractor
helping daddy assemble our bed
helping unpack
husband says the monogram makes it look like a frat house
sometimes you have to stop, mid-move, and read a favorite book
he hopped in and started rowing after we unpacked this little decorative boat

The seemingly insurmountable task of moving a family of five (and a menagerie of pets) in two fleeting mid-week days was accomplished, bit by bit –like eating an elephant, as I constantly reminded myself- ONLY because we had help from amazing [former-]neighbors who fed and entertained our kids, wiped out crusty cabinets and scrubbed stinky showers, and loaded and unloaded wave after wave of boxes.

our (former) next door neighbor, miss holly, graciously took the kids tuesday night so we could run a load of things over without tripping over children– she even planned activities for them!
the birthday bandits struck again, the vacuum cleaner is bc though it was her birthday, miss holly graciously lent us hers after ours blew out on the day we were doing the final clean on the old house

Goldenrod Lane rallied, as usual. We intend to regularly mail them flyers for our rural subdivision until they concede and join us in the countryside.

messy messy
kids/guest bathroom, with the fun shower curtain we’ve been excited about


We are now people who plan trips “into town.”



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