New Firsts

There’s no denying that, when compared to our daughters, we have missed out on a lot of Little Man’s “firsts”: First steps, first words, first foods, first rolling over, sitting up and crawling. And even though that’s just a part of the international adoption deal, it’s still something that parents grieve.

We are thankful, though, for the firsts that we do get to witness. I’ve documented many here, like these, from soon after we returned home with him from China. There are new ones constantly, here are the most recent:

We are working on identifying animals and their corresponding sounds, his favorite are moooooo cows. We are also working on identifying colors. Little Man recently identified his first without prompting, running to us with two pairs of red shoes shouting, “Red! Red!” I nearly cried.

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To his delight, he spied his first lit up Christmas tree at Costco the other day… I can’t wait until we surprise him with one in our house!

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It was on that same trip to Costco that we passed the wine aisle, where he enthusiastically proclaimed, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” whilst motioning toward the bottles, leaving passersby chuckling under their breath. Needless to say, his English comprehension and speech are coming along wonderfully.

I’m not certain exactly when exactly it happened, but his favorite pastime these days is reading books. When he first came home he had zero interest in books, probably had never seen one, but now he literally can’t get enough. I must read upwards of 80 books a day to that little guy, and I am beyond happy to oblige.

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He recently seemed to notice our stunning mountain range for the first time without prompting, and in the car pointed and repeated, “Mountains! Niiiiiice!”

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caught being adorable

This morning he got to play in his first snow. There was, of course, still snow on the ground when we arrived home with him in the spring– but it was dirty, months old snow and we were cocooning pretty hardcore at the time. And you’ll recall we had our first snowfall of the season this September, which wiped out our garden but wasn’t much, so this is the first time he’s been able to play in it.

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We are still potty-training, and he is doing great– I never expected he’d be ready so soon. It’s not like I’ve been changing his diapers for all twenty-eight months of his life and I just never want to see or smell a diaper again.

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He still daily waves goodbye to Husband from the cat door into the garage, but I got to see the view from the other side when we left the kids with our favorite sitter/neighbor for a (much needed) date together, this weekend. *Nerd alert: We saw the new film Interstellar, go see it.

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We are so thankful for the privilege of parenting this Little Man and witnessing many firsts, each one a precious gift.


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  1. God Bless your precious family! I remember Wendem experiencing snow for the first time…

    1. Thanks Jamie! <3

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