Old School

Little Man had a wonderful first day of pre-kindergarten, no surprise to any who know him.

backpack, backpack

Though only attending once weekly, it’s still a big deal for this homeschooling mommy. (I shared our reasons for sending him here.) He’ll continue to learn alongside his sisters on the days he remains at home. I’m forever grateful for the ability to individualize my kids’ educations.

He was ready. We packed his lunch, laid out his clothes, and prepped him as thoroughly as we could, in the best way we know how: with books.

In fact, I ordered him this book (from his favorite collection by author David Shannon) to commemorate the occasion.

click pic for link
while he attended class the girls completed spelling over hot chocolate (coffee for me)

After all, he’s a big boy now– as he so often reminds me.

while watching the movie, ‘mommy, did you know dat captain america had surgwy on his wip in portland, too?’
fishing hat, stethoscope, superhero cape, star wars bag… he’s a “cowboy!” obvi

I am so thankful to be mom/teacher to each of our three, unique kiddos.


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