Harvest Moon

I nearly forgot that the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is tonight…

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I’ve previously shared the hows and whys of this traditionally Asian custom, as our family joins others around the world in simple observance of the harvest at the first full moon of the season. Since I always seem to forget to plan ahead and order traditional mooncakes online (we don’t have a proper Asian market where we live in Montana) we substitute other moon-like confections to celebrate.

world market for the win: the moon pies are fun, the tea cookies look most traditional, but the macaroons are the only that are free of gluten for little man

And speaking of harvesting…

… we are diligently reaping a harvest from our garden beds…

…and preserving the bounty for the winter months ahead, much like these two wild grizzlies we recently observed feverishly foraging to prepare for hibernation.

I empathize with their struggle, as we’ve already battled an early freeze and are fighting for the spoils.

starting to pull them before they’re fully ripe

“The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.” – Psalm 85:12


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