One Year As Five

What a difference a year makes. Similar to the birth of our girls, we can scarcely recall life before Little Man joined us.

He is, quite simply, a delight, and we are so grateful for the blessing of adopting him into our family one year ago.

We are eternally grateful to all who helped make it possible: Each person who bought our tshirt, prayed for us, shared our Give1Save1 feature, hosted a fundraiser, gave anonymously, notarized documents, provided a reference for our homestudy or grant applications, drove us to the airport, welcomed us at the airport(s), cared for our pets while we were in China, made/delivered a meal when we were cocooning… thank you.

China requires we include eight photographs to accompany our post-placement report on Little Man, but eight is too few to fully capture the past twelve months of joys, challenges, teaching, learning, bonding, stretching, laughing, trusting, sleep deprivation, and molding of a family– so we made this little slideshow…

One Year Home from Lex on Vimeo.

I’m banking on videos like this (thanks Hubster) to help our children forgive us for neglecting to actually print photographs and assemble scrapbooks.

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