Outdoor School

Evidently, spring is here to stay.

We have been enjoying more unseasonably warm weather, and spending more of each school day outdoors, accordingly.

Though our backyard remains a giant, muddy blank slate, there is still much fun to be had in the fresh air and sunshine.

(my alarm clock)

our classroom
shorts weather! belts optional.
the girls have named our beagley pal silas, to compliment our old beagle titus who still lives in Oregon

polly pocket bathtub beach party
garage tennis more closely resembles racquetball. it is good that little brother is sporting a helmet.
our windy kite-flying-day turned into a stormy night and we lost power
concerned for the local dairy queen, we hopped in the car to take some of the surely melting ice cream off their hands

In other news, it pains me to admit that Little Man seems to be outgrowing his daily nap. A moment of silence, please.

Most days he happily spends the duration of naptime singing to his stuffed animals in bed, tossing his pillows into the hallway and dissecting his duvet from the cover (which is my very favorite thing, said no one ever).

i know, boromir, i know
ahhhh, sisters
little man attended his first birthday party (apart from his own, last july), right across the street. gotta love the wrap-job. also, why does he look so big here?
he had the most fun zipping around in this cozy coupe, i sure wish we hadn’t gotten rid of ours after the girls outgrew it

Silly Sayings:

(eldest daughter) “How many years have you and Daddy been married?” (me) “Fourteen. We were married in 2001, so you just subtract a year from the last two digits of whatever year it is. How many years will we have been married in 2052?” “You’ll be dead.”

(center sister, while listening to the classic oldies station) “The Beach Boys, and other ’80’s music, always reminds me of summer.”

(Little Man, leaving church today) “Bye-bye, Teacher. Hoo-hoo!” *the teacher in his favorite book series is an owl


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