Operation: Drink More Water


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There I was, minding my own business, when Bestie Kelsey went and posted this passive-aggressive helpful article on excessive sugar consumption on her wellness blog…

Color me convicted. I admit it: I have a sweet tooth; and though I’m making strides to curtail my overall sugar consumption, I’ve got a looong way to go.

The latest object of my sweet tooth affection? San Pellegrino sparkling beverages. (esp. limonata!) I’ve never been a soda drinker, but this sugar-laden confection seems to be the exception which also grossly inhibits my daily water intake. The other night I went to bed early, nauseous from too little water and too much sugar.

Occasional indulgence begat habit, and something had to give. To combat it’s lure I’m heeding Husband’s advice and going on the offense, prepping yummy ready-to-go water infusions in the fridge. We are blessed to have delicious well water flowing from the tap, but often this busy mom selects what’s quickest versus slicing up fruit & veggies on short order. By simply plopping a few extras into a large carafe it ensures I’ll take advantage by having it at the ready. Why, that’s even simpler than popping open an aluminum can!

Favorite infusions:

  • Halved grapes, a few sprigs of thyme, & sliced cucumber (pictured).
  • Quartered and squeezed lemon, fresh-grated ginger, chopped mint leaves, & cucumber slices.
  • Kiwi, strawberry, and pineapple slices.
see those naughty san pelegrinos up top? look away!


2 responses to “Operation: Drink More Water”

  1. Oh gosh, you know I jest and always appreciate your gentle nudges!

  2. Slow and steady…we’re over here at Full of Days working on creating habits, too! Water consumption is a great one to start with, and one I haven’t mastered myself. My love of coffee has a way of slowly sneaking back in and taking over any strides I’ve made. Nice work on making it yummy and exciting to drink! Thanks for the shout-out…and it was NOT passive aggressive, just the cold-hard-truth (I’m in the same boat as you!).

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