What Kind of Plant Are You?

Meandering up a mountainside during a nature hike, recently, I pestered Husband, musing aloud at how differently the five in our fam relate to the outdoors. We likened ourselves to plants as a fun metaphor…

I’m a full-sun plant… a Sunflower bending eager to follow the persisting rays of warmth as they shift across the sky, basking full-faced in the glow.

Husband and Firstborn are both shade plants… Husband a strong-limbed yet flexible, reaching fern, sure-footed with a network of deep roots, ever green for all seasons. Firstborn an intricate, delicate Hydrangea whose striking countenance varies as it adapts to soil conditions.

Center Sister is surely an aquatic plant… an ethereal Water Lily who thrives when at least partially submerged, roots ever at home in the water, complexity often hidden just beneath the surface.

And Little Man? He’s an indoor plant… an African violet that blooms under fastidious tending, preferring steady climate control– enjoying the safe vantage of a windowsill, with occasional fluorescent supplement (ahem, electronics).

Obviously we are easily entertained. Still, I’m curious where others fit in… what kind of plant are you?