Operation: Relocation



Because I’m too fatigued to even type, please enjoy our move, in snapshots:

Okay, fine, a quick story to explain the last photo…

This is my favorite escrow officer, whom I’ve been working with for the entirety of my real estate career. Naturally, that includes several of our own purchases. (Our new home is the seventh we’ve purchased– not bad for two not-quite-forty-year-olds.) Husband and I signed papers with her on our very first house, seventeen years ago, while he was home on a brief two-week leave in the middle of his 14-month deployment to Iraq. About a year and a half later we sold a rental house with her help, Firstborn was mere weeks old and she happily rocked her while we signed our paperwork.

A Realtor is only as good as his/her professional team– lender, inspector, title & escrow– and whenever I can help it I work with this rockstar. When we signed on these two recent deals she was, of course, our logical go-to. We rolled in for our signing straight from homeschool co-op and she made it special for our kiddos.


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