On the Move



I’m awash in a sea of boxes; up to my ears in contractors, inspectors, and paperwork. T minus 19 days until we move and we’re working our tails off, all the while juggling work and homeschool in the margins. 

I always thought the boxes that said “fragile” as a kid meant this, instead^
books upon books upon books. all books.

We’re basically glamping in our current house until moving day. We boxed up the bulk of our possessions ahead of time, so as to properly stage our home when it hit the market.* Frankly, it’s a good thing we did get a head-start on packing because our house sold FOUR HOURS after it went live and the buyers requested a quick closing. They were so grateful we accepted their offer that they sent us flowers the next morning– a first in my 18 years in real estate!

*No seriously, we even took down one of the loft beds from the girls’ shared room & have shuffled things so that Little Man’s currently sleeping on a mattress in our master bedroom, which we’re trundling under our own bed during the day. This is what happens when your mom’s a Realtor and both of your parents are type-A, firstborn perfectionists.

how sweet is this?

We also did some final repairs/updates on this fixer-upper prior to listing, which further compounded the glamping situation… thank goodness we were able to bathe next door at my [much older] sister’s while both showers of our 2.5 bathrooms were being remodeled.

Presently, we’re coordinating both transactions in prayerful hope of simultaneous closings (so we’ll only have to move once) and ordering some updates on the new place before move-in.

we like ‘smoked oyster’… the mollusk AND the carpet

Moving’s a lot of work, but this Mom’s in the moving business and Husband’s a moving MVP. Plus, moving my own family helps me to better empathize with my clients… because the struggle is REAL. (see Center Sister’s candid journal entry, below)

Throwback to Firstborn’s journal entry when we moved three years ago: