Just a wee teensy reminder that the Academy Awards are tomorrow! ((dancing emoji girl))

Should you be of the camp that believes the Oscar ceremony to be a colossal waste of time… I concede. I agree! I do. It’s silly and unimportant, of zero eternal consequence. But if you insist on ruthlessly judging anyone who admits to enjoying them as a source of entertainment not too unlike professional sports, you may want to look away now…

The Oscars are a guilty pleasure that I indulge in but once a year. I love film and drama (not that kind of drama), and generally make an effort to see as many nominated performances as is reasonable and prudent– this year being no exception.

Molly at Almost Makes Perfect shared a darling printable Oscar ballot on which you can cast your own predictions; but, without further ado, here are my Oscar picks:

Y’all, could 2016 be Leo’s year? It might just be. Always a bridesmaid, he’s the Susan Lucci of film. Eddie Redmayne will be stiff competition, however. He could very well be the next Tom Hanks, with two consecutive statuettes. If Leo doesn’t manage a win, Tom Hardy will for his supporting role in Revenant.

Speaking of Revenant, it will surely take Best Picture, what with it’s breathtaking showcase of the stunningly beautiful Montana terrain that I happen to call home. Cinematography, also, obvi.

Mark Ruffalo should have been nominated for Infinitely Polar Bear instead of his Spotlight performance. The Martian and Matt Damon were both good, but neither Oscar material– the latter essentially playing the same character he always plays: himself, Matt Damon.

As much as I love me some Cate Blanchett, her performance in Carol seemed cold and contrived, as if her former Elizabeth & Galadriel characters spawned a stoic love-child. Joy was good, but not incredible. I always enjoy historical drama, and Brooklyn delivered here. Saoirse Ronan’s Irish immigrant was sweet and convincing, albeit not particularly amazing. Brie Larson is sure to win for Room. Can you even believe she’s the sister from Trainwreck??

I loved The Big Short, and not just because I’m a nerdy Realtor who especially appreciated the mortgage fraud mockumentary on the cause of the housing bubble collapse. (Christian Bale was his dependably chameleon self.) I fell asleep watching Bridge of Spies, and though Mad Max was visually striking, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who didn’t fawn over it. I’d love for Rachel McAdams to win for Spotlight; I appreciated the film and she is a true talent. I never did see Kate Winslett’s role in Steve Jobs.

Who’s watching with me?! Who are you rooting for? 

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