Still I Will Praise Him

My kombucha grew fuzzy green mold instead of “beneficial bacteria.” Center Sister lost her favorite mermaid charm amongst the prolific deer poop in the backyard. Husband put in extra long, stressful hours at the office, and once again we opted for church via Vimeo in our jammies. Though I laundered an unholy amount of bedding due to a flu scare and serial bed wetting, it’s been a pretty amazing week

One dear friend welcomed her precious, peaceful baby girl into the world. Another publicly announced her whirlwind, expedited adoption of a new daughter they are racing to bring home before she of ages out of the Chinese system. Yet another mercifully received a long-awaited exit letter from the Congo which will allow her to finally bring her sweet daughter home after 3 long years of staring at a photograph. Still another traveled to Costa Rica to bring home her three new kiddos via adoption.

It’s life as usual here in our homeschool, yet miracles abound as our earthly vantage yields evidence of God’s hand at work amid the chaotic-mundane.


Spelling test: “Massacre. When Daddy waged war against the prairie dogs in the backyard last summer it was a massacre… Massacre.”

Upon waking from nap, “Did you have a good nah-night?” “Yeah. I dweamed ’bout chocolate milk… Hawwy Pottah dwinked it!”

Overheard: “Windgardium leviosa!” and then the cat soared into view from across the room.

Silly Pics: 

clever little man excitedly identified the familiar font, declaring, “star wars!”
then carefully inserted the glow sticks into his rocket ship to more accurately simulate blast off
the girls prepped for 4-h presentations….
… and nailed them.

he was working hard to put out the fire
studying the roman republic, julius caesar, spartacus et al… watching the 1963 epic film, cleopatra
then scored fitting gladiator gear, second-hand
wants to be liz taylor
snow melted, husband dug out the bows for target practice– burglars beware (and then center sister shot an arrow onto the thin ice of the frozen pond)
little man set up his own computer station, to be like sisters
passing notes in class

look up
life in a nutshell: dirty dishes, baby in sink, cat on counter, prepping dinner #organic

every few months i think a visit to the animal shelter to be a fun outing. it’s not.
prairie dog hole

Thank you, Lord, for this life, this crazy family, this cozy home, this freedom to educate how we choose, a hardworking husband who also cooks and vacuums and lets me sleep in, food in our messy cupboards, pets we don’t have to eat, a vehicle with which we can explore, new babies, adoption, exit letters, toys and hobbies and mountains and blue skies and all of our silly first world problems.

And coffee, thank you Lord for coffee.