Over the Rainbow

Big news in our house: Firstborn was cast as the lead in a local musical production… any guesses as to the role?

Perhaps these bedazzled Steve Maddens might tip you off.

Ruby Slippers can only mean one thing– she’ll be Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!

Center Sister also got a part as the fortune teller/Professor Marvel (the Wizard)!

nana sent these props in the post

Nana’s coming to visit during the performances, under the guise of cheering on the girls– though anyone who knows Nana is aware she keeps an authentic Glenda the Good Witch costume hanging in her walk-in closet. I won’t be surprised if she smuggles it in her carry-on.

We took an old pair of heels from the recesses of my own closet (can’t believe I tromped all over Manhattan island in these, once upon a time) and applied a liberal coat of red glitter spray from the craft store. Firstborn is over the moon rainbow for them, hopefully she’ll stay upright for the duration of her performance!

step 1: sacrifice sassy pre-children kitten heels
step 2: procure glitter spray
step 3: apply liberally, preferably atop a dropcloth that resembles a certain yellow brick road
step 4: let dry and voila! homespun ruby slippers

As soon as they landed their roles I ordered these classic additions for our movie and literary libraries; for character research, obvi.

click pic for link

We’ll try to thrift together their costumes, but if we come up dry there’s always Amazon!

judy garland’s actual dress from the film


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