Chinese New Year

Hark! According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the year of the rooster commences this Saturday. Not only am I a certifiable crazy chicken lady, I was born in another year of the rooster– maaaany moons ago.

We’ll use the occasion as an excuse to partake of Handsome Husband’s intricate and elaborate Asian confections. My own Asian fare tends to be of the more haphazard, fast and furious stir-fry vein. (I fundamentally believe that anything tastes delicious when it starts in a hot wok with garlic and ginger and is finished with green onion and cilantro.)

Here’s how we’ve celebrated and cooked in years past (several great recipes included):

The Year of the Monkey, Monkey Business (Chinese New Year 2016), 2015 Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year Prep, Gong Xi Fa Cai, 2014 Chinese New Year, Ringing In the Year of the Horse, Turning Chinese



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