Parks & Rec

Recently, Thoughtful Husband rented a recreational vehicle to tour some nearby state parks. 

It was actually for my birthday– and what a lovely gift it was to adventure together in comfort. I found it endearingly Freudian that Tech-obsessed Little Man kept referring to it as a “VR” instead of an “RV.” 

We loaded up and first headed to Central Oregon, where we floated the Deschutes on a balmy 90′ afternoon. Husband lassoed our menagerie of inflatables and we drifted downstream as a makeshift man-o-war jellyfish for two tranquil hours.

That night we met Husband’s brother & folks for dinner and parked our rig on their property for the night before jetting off again early the next morning for more adventures.

Our whole trip was kind of a retracing our honeymoon, hitting up landmarks we’d visited as newlyweds nineteen years prior.

We camped again that night before journeying south to Crater Lake– climbing to the crest of the caldera only to discover it was snowing sideways.

From there we headed westward, landing in the town where Husband was born (we even found the street!), and drove through Wildlife Safari before turning north towards home again.

Though several of the places we’d intended to visit were closed due to Covid restrictions, it was a restful adventure and I’m grateful to my family (namely Handsome Husband) for making it happen.

It officially feels like summer now!


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