Ode to a Handyman

Back in late February, right before a certain nefarious virus began altering our way of life, Handsome Husband bought our family a beautiful fixer-upper. A comfortable abode of the same vintage as our partnership (c. 1997, thankyouverymuch), it had great bones but was overdue for some tender loving care.

Husband stepped up to the plate, pouring blood [his], sweat [his], and tears [mine, though mostly from allergies] into another ambitious home renovation. I’ve shared some of his recent projects already, but the following are the lastest, for posterity’s sake.

It’s not that I’m especially lazy with our projects– my role is first designer, then cheerleader, then documentarian. Though I’m almost always behind the camera lens I do lend a hand, and even occasionally break a sweat, but mostly I dream up grand plans and Husband brings them to life while I marvel at his skill and brawn. It’s basically the secret to our success in home improvement– and perhaps marriage in general. We’re an effective team.


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