Peas & Carrots

Forget the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 has been The Year of the Cousins.

My much older sister’s trio of kiddos and my own get along like peas and carrots. In six months they’ve come east twice and we’ve gone west thrice for extended-family togetherness. They only just left for home this afternoon, with Nana strapped to the roof of their suburban, after a marathon week of shenanigans and general mayhem fueled by copious quantities of sugar cereal.

much older sister sporting the shirt I sent for her recent birthday

What happens in Montana… gets posted on my blog.

peas & carrots

Children of the corn (maze)…


Stretching before a morning run wherein the two smallest and I crept along behind in the minivan blasting tunes to spur the joggers on. Mom did not appreciate the lot of us doing the same the day prior and forbade any sharing of theoretical recorded evidence.

born one month & an ocean apart
mom, aka the baking nazi, commandeered my kitchen
we enjoyed the tutelage & fruits of her labor
she nearly froze to death
moose hunt with the seester
handsome husband set up their own cousin cinema
bigs enjoying their own booth whilst lunching
reigning scrabble champion #nomercy

Tuesday’s Child

Airport Party

Eye (Year) of the Tiger

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