Monkey Business (Chinese New Year 2016)

I was feeling a twinge of guilt because we weren’t hosting a big, authentic feast to ring in Chinese New Year this evening… but then I realized that this year’s celebration has actually been more traditional: We’ve stretched the holiday into several small gatherings and good ol’ quality time with friends. In China, New Years fun lasts for fifteen days!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends who also have a son from China…

my sweet friend’s tablescape that I conspired to take credit for 😉
silly monkeys
monkey pinot, but of course

… and another Chinese meal during the Superbowl with friends who are currently “in process” of adopting their daughter from China.

pineapple fried rice, lemon chicken, & broccoli beef
red for luck! (we don’t believe in luck)

The pressure off, we simply lit off some sparklers with neighbors on New Year’s Eve.


See a compilation of our Chinese New Year festivities (with recipes) from years past here.


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