Photo Upload

Today is Husband’s Birthday Eve! You’ll recall birthdays aren’t merely a twenty-four hour deal in these here parts.

which translates into sushi (his favorite) for our weekly date-night
our precious date-night third wheel
gorgeous clear skies and sunshine last week. i actually got a bit sun-kissed working in the yard monday…
…and then the snow returned. again.
muddy springtime snowman
bought some knock-off lincoln logs online– the real ones are outrageously expensive!
they make excellent little house series visual aids
like peas and carrots.
we were grateful for a little hiking expedition before the weather turned
a river runs through it. no, really, this is the actual river from that film .






love me some costco lunch



silently handed me the pickle jar he’d retrieved from the fridge. no doubt he fits right into this family.
a family favorite i hadn’t made in a while: sinapore shrimp noodles. shrimp, curry, mung bean sprouts, noodles, snap peas, green bell peppers & onion = love.
two thumbs up from the peanut gallery


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  1. So fun, Libbe! They are excellent books. 🙂

  2. We are hot and heavy into the Little House book right now. The 3rd graders read it every year. Now to make a log cabin out of something other than logs and find a pioneer girl outfit for the program!

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