A Birthday in Memes



Yesterday was Handsome Husband’s birthday. What better way to express my undying adoration and reverence than in memes…


I’m out of control. Be blessed, Husband.

How we actually celebrated:

party time, excellent
birthday breakfast, bacon and eggs cups

Despite the occasion, Husband had to put in a regular nine hours at work (unjust), but he was able to spend lunch with a work-chum purchasing mass quantities of electronics with the company credit card for the office. Pretty much his favorite thing ever.


Thank you, Kind Neighbors, for lending us your trusty crab-cracking hardware, thereby saving the meal– what an amusing oversight on my part!

dessert prep
there’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream buried [berried] under there
“waves of happiness”
couldn’t have said it better

Top secret birthday festivities to continue on into next week!


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