Project: Orphan Kitten

Hi, I’m Mia and I’m an addict. I cannot resist a furry critter.

Meet Sassy.

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This poor girl (we think) was found, cold and starving with her littermates, stuck in the wall of an old farm outbuilding. We suspect mama kitty was hit by a car or eaten by a coyote.


The most vocal of the bunch, I wanted to name her Chatty Cathy, also in tribute to our next-door friends, The C/Kathys, who drove us to the kittens late last night– but the girls decided she’s Sassy.

Yes, she is tiny. Yes, she is bottle feeding. Yes, we had to wake in the night to administer feline formula. Yes, I had an extra cup of coffee before heading to the library to check out books on newborn kitten emergency care. Yes, we took her with us to the pet supply store and pushed her around in the bunny stroller. (hashtag, homeschool)


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Thank you, Patient Husband, for indulging us. You will surely be rewarded, accordingly, in Heaven.