Little Man, Lately

This post is all about our incredibly bright Little Man, Smarty-Pants McGee. You’ve been warned. Because biologically I had zero to do with it, I feel I can boast unabashed…  

He’s rocking his weekly speech therapy appointments, astounding the pathologist at each visit. This week she decided to see if he recognized any letters of the alphabet (obviously NOT something I have started with him yet) and, to our astonishment, he identified three of five correctly– including the A which he recognized as “Mine!” Como say what??

FullSizeRender (10)

All of a sudden, and without instruction, he has switched from speaking in third person to using correct pronouns.

He has an imaginary friend frenemy, “Robot”, the scapegoat for all of the shenanigans that take place under our roof.

His new favorite song, which  he sings all day, every day, is the “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family…” Barney song. He doesn’t know there’s a show, please don’t tell him.

To express affection, he often follows his, “I love you.”s with, “You my baby.” because I guess that’s what we always say to him.

He might remind you a couple times a day, out of the blue and quite serious, “We don’t hit people.”

He’s as addicted to chocolate milk as I am to coffee. I hesitate to admit that I regularly pollute his expensive, organic whole milk with Nesquik. #thirdchild

He claims “Jie Jie [big sister] woke me up!” after every nap or bedtime.

He continues to grow like a weed, and is expected to be rather tall. Our pediatrician is amazed. I heart busting stereotypes.

He dresses himself every day, shorts and a t-shirt his preference despite the rainbow assortment of adorable overalls that I have stockpiled.

He calls all holes —in the ground, in clothing, or the ceiling at Target— ‘prairie dog holes’.

He sits like a little old man in his car seat.


His annual assessment at Doernbecker Children’s hospital is coming up in just a few weeks. There he will meet with the many physicians and specialists who make up his cleft lip and palate team. His palate repair completed last year was successful, but he will have additional procedures to keep up with his physical growth as he develops.

We are so grateful to be his family, and so proud of how much he has grown since we first met him almost a year and a half ago.


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