Reading People {a book review}

Know Thyself… To thine own self be true… Identity…

Besides being a frumpy, perma-exhausted homeschool mom of three, I’m an extroverted, Highly Sensitive Person, Meyers-Briggs ESFJ, Enneagram 8, whose primary Love Language is Quality Time and spiritual gifting Evangelism. In literary worlds I’d be sorted into Hufflepuff house and Candor faction, respectively; and I’m fairly certain I’m more Hobbit than elf or dwarf. Of the Disney princesses I’m usually typed as Belle or Ariel for my independent, adventurous streak. Since my birth folks have remarked, chortling, “Well she’s full of personality!”… but, to be fair, aren’t we all?

Anne Bogel’s new book, Reading People has sparked some serious Meyer’s-Briggs fever here in the White house… we’re aaaaall abuzz about Love Languages and Enneagrams. My sisters and I have eagerly typed and re-typed our selves and our spouses as I’ve shared a steady stream of quotable’s from Anne’s insightful text. One can geek-out right proper-like over the cornucopia of personality rubrics available these days, and Anne’s kaleidoscope of personality profiles is a veritable smorgasbord. Through her revealing compilation of temperament sorters, one-stop-shoppers might become more self-aware via the multiple vehicles for introspection she enthusiastically endorses.

Like Anne, I long mistyped myself (formerly believed to be an ENTJ, it seems I’m actually an ESFJ) but her book helped clear things up a bit– which is evidence that even those with a firm grip on all the personality lingo can still surely be enlightened. Consider hers a reference book to revisit periodically: Sort your self, sort your kids, got a tricky person at the office? Sort them and see what you can learn. Understanding begets compassion.

And lest you peg a book that encourages such unapologetic self-focus to be vain or narcissitic, knowing thyself need not be a fruitless endeavor: I promise you won’t grow roots into the banks of the reflecting pond you gaze upon, nor become so introspective you come to resemble an ingrown toenail. It’s apparent that Anne’s aim for this book is for readers to use the insight gleaned by studying ourselves to serve others and glorify God– become a better tuned instrument, a well-sharpened, effective tool.

Reading People releases on September 19th, but if you pre-order it now at you can cash in on some fun, complimentary bonuses! 



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  3. Thanks Faith! I totally feel ya 🙂 and thanks for the additional book recommend… So what’s your Enneagram & MB?

  4. I enjoyed reading your review SO much!! I’m reading (and re-reading) this book too (and just posted the link to my review!)
    I recently finished the book about the Enneagram “Road Back to You” and it has me in an all-things-personality zone. My kids are like “oh no! She’s talking about personality again!!”

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