Before I assail you with a onslaught of adorableness, I must share this tidbit:


I don’t watch a lot of television, (okay, like none… I prefer film) but Fox’s The Last Man on Earth has GOT to be the best new show out there. Just brilliant. SNL alum Will Forte nails it as both creator and star, and co-star Kristen Schaal has impeccable comedic instinct and timing.

You. Are. Welcome.

Now, some pics ‘n’ stuff…

the nearby school playground has AN ACTUAL CHOO-CHOO. and yes, it was near impossible to pry him away.

reminds me of napoleon dynamite
their latest obsession & hairspiration, the powerpuff girls. i remember my littlest sister dressing up as one for halloween in the 90’s. apparently they’re on netflix.
he wanted to wear me in the ergo
little man is so good about helping the girls w their schoolwork
he did this to himself & walked around saying, “hoo-hoo! hoo-hoo!”. he’s an owl, obvi.






sleeping like a canary
pockets magee. even when he’s upset he loves them.
wreck it ralph


“Mom, let’s do riddles. I’ll go first: What has a bed, but doesn’t sleep? And is from China…” (-Center Sister)

“Let’s do spelling, Girls. I love spelling.” Firstborn, “I have the OPPOSITE desire of that.”

yes. yes i am still sporting crocs. no, i did not get the memo. i still love them, forever & always, amen. new skirt thrifted for $1, boomshakalaka.
bottom three

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