School Snipits

Our school year’s off to a solid start. Activities are in full-swing and I’m racking up the mileage on my Jeep to prove it. Still, I’m grateful the bookends of our schoolweeks are relatively calm, mostly-at-home days (save for theatre class Mondays & Shakespeare Club Fridays) where we can tend to the meat & potatoes of our studies with minimal frenzy. 

My pupils: 

Book club: 

not a fan of the snozzcumber, but rather enjoyed the frobscottle





chipper post robotics class

skype proctored oral reading exam


Home Economics:

Field Trips:

honey flight (pun intended) at a local beekeeper’s tasting room


shakespeare club

our thespian

“I want a pet rat. A black one. I’ll name him Bubonic and call him ‘Boob’ for short.”

Socialization (snort!):

I’m so grateful to be learning alongside these kiddos at home– and out & about. 

2014 Reading List


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