Autumn Adventures & Halloween Throwbacks



Ohhhh autumn… synonymous with bright foliage, garden harvests, pumpkin evvvverything, and, of course, Halloween. It’s fall, y’all. 

We’ve been to the pumpkin patch twice already– once with our new homeschool co-op and again with our extended family, as per tradition.

As for Halloween, we have a love/hate relationship… I love it for the dress-up, the bands of sugar-sticky children swarming the streets, and the camaraderie and kumbaya– but I hate strongly dislike the sinister, dark origins and gross, spooky stuff. Accordingly, so long as I can help it my family’s Halloween festivities will always be G-rated, wholesome and jolly, entirely unscary.

Each Fall, we enjoy a fun trip to the Halloween store to get in the spirit– the girls used to be terrified of the gory stuff, but nowadays they enjoy sneaking up on me with gruesome masks on. Good golly. 

The rest of us are still decidedly #teamnotscary .

Our own costumes are always homespun– begged, borrowed, and stolen from the dressup bin or thrifted, with an emphasis on creativity. I won’t give away the kids’ costumes this year, but here are some past highlights:

Psy (Gangnam Style)

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Jonah IN the whale

Plus an extra fun throwback, circa 1985… have you ever seen a more 80’s Halloween? Homemade costumes and unmitigated sugar consumption, cultural appropriation x2, and an adorable “bag lady” pushing a shopping cart, complete with empty beer cans. Forgive us, we knew not what we were doing. (I’m the mouse.)

Stay tuned for this year’s costumes, coming soon!

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